The Crisis of Our Times

"Not by force of arms are civilizations held together, but by subtle threads of moral and intellectual principle." -Russell Kirk

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

...perhaps I too am not a conservative.

"Another consideration that must be addressed: what does imperialism do to the constitutional design of our country? Murray Rothbard and Robert Higgs were both right to stress a general incompatibility between limited constitutional government and expanding empires. Imperial crusades make it harder to counteract consolidated managerial government. They push forward the cumulative process by which a once self-restrained regime, based on checks and balances, is turned into a unified engine of foreign expansion."

"The American statesman who made this argument best in the twentieth century was Robert Taft. Unlike Goldberg, Taft never described himself as a “conservative.” But if Goldberg and his social democratic globalist companions are “conservatives,” then perhaps I too am not a conservative."

Paul Gottfried in "Jonah, We Hardly Knew Ye!"


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