The Crisis of Our Times

"Not by force of arms are civilizations held together, but by subtle threads of moral and intellectual principle." -Russell Kirk

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Errrrr....Happy New Year! 12/31/05

Happy New Year! Current mood: content
Happy New Year!Such a simple and casual phrase of goodwill--which surely has at least a small semblance of sincerity in the heart of the well-wisher--but as this millennium has stayed the course laid out from the last it will be a phrase given in vain. These years have seen nonsensical wars, endless hate, and minds filled with dangerous Utopian visions and silly ideologies (idiot-ologies as the respected John Adams labeled it). They have been years filled with people whose ears are taken with deceptions and whose hearts are more prone to be enflamed by word democracy than the name Jesus Christ. The Cultures that fill these fleeting moments of eternity are crumbling away and the demagogues that preside over and awe the masses can only point fingers at each other or blame it all, in full, on the immigrants crossing over the blurring borders. They’re blind to the root cause, despite how obvious it may be, that those occupying the lands of the West, of Christendom, have their eyes and hearts centered upon their selves and not the Truth. They are inspired by little other than the pursuit and occupation of whatever in their immediate disposal that can be of USE to gratify their base inclinations—only to hunger twice as much afterward. How could a climate such as this produce a culture worthy of even a passing remark from the mouths of the Wise, Noble, or even the Semi-Awake? How could such a culture ever wish to produce anything to compare to the Confessions of St. Augustine, Dante’s Divine Comedy, the works of Michelangelo, or the masterpieces of Bach? Instead we get the DaVinci Code, the Motorcycle Diaries, the scribbling of Picasso, and the drooping noise of Korn. It’s a brave new world indeed. These have been years where Darwinism—despite its immanent holes and giant grasps—has been taught as irreproachable fact. In the course of events starting with the communitarian gathering of Greece and the thought from the Academy to today’s events and rather lame attempts of thought—liberalism, nominalism, extremism, etc.—can any proof be acquired to support the new faith—which Darwinism has been called—that places its whole being in the notion of Human progress. As Mencken stated that the evolutionary course from George Washington to Franklin D. Roosevelt is proof enough that no evolutionary progress exists. War, Famine, Plague, and Death, the Four Horseman have been with us for some time but none more brutally present than in the 20th century (a Century that parallels the 14th in cruelty, war, superstition, and death) and these few years that followed it. And it doesn’t appear that the semi-sincere well-wishes, resolutions, or the sounds of pouring champagne will scare them off just yet or discourage their loyal vassals from carrying them out with bright smiles on their faces. So another year gone, and another here to come………and yet again another semi-sincere phrase from the lips of a reluctant well wisher….Happy New Year!


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